Work with adolescents and adults

Individual psychotherapy is typically a “talk-oriented” intervention between the clinical psychologist and the client. Individual psychotherapy may be indicated where clients are adolescents or adults. An initial assessment phase starts this process and following this phase, collaborative decisions are made with regards to the number of sessions required and the treatment model to be used. Tracy-Ann Capitano is trained in both depth psychotherapy, which is typically used in longer term interventions, as well a brief psychotherapy, which is used in shorter interventions.  Possible reasons for referral include but are not limited to: Difficulty adjusting to changing life circumstances, relationship difficulties, anxiety, depression, grief or loss, addiction difficulties, exposure to stress or trauma, and self-esteem related difficulties.

Work with children

Psychological services offered to children include psychological assessment, play therapy interventions and skills training interventions. 

Although every interaction with a client starts with psychological assessment, children may be assessed in greater depth to include cognitive assessment and socio-emotional assessment with the use of psychometric tests. This may be indicated when a child is struggling within their educational environment, peer group interactions and/or when there is a greater need to understand what a child’s abilities may involve.  This type of psychological assessment aims to better understand the individual child’s functioning and produces recommendations and appropriate referrals.    

Play therapy interventions and skills training interventions involve developmentally appropriate ways of providing psychotherapy to children. Possible reasons for referral include but are not limited to: Exposure to stress-related or traumatic events, difficulties in interactions with adults or other children, difficulty adjusting to changing life circumstances, anxiety, behavioural difficulties, and the enhancement of coping and problem-solving skills. 

Work with couples

Couples work may include marital relationships or individuals who are involved in romantic relationships. Premarital counselling is available. Couples work is also available to couples who would like to enrich their relationship and/or resolve conflicts within the relationship. While individual experiences are explored, work with couples focuses predominantly on the relationship itself and therefore includes combined sessions with both the individuals involved in the relationship.

Work with parents

Work with parents may include the parental unit and/or sessions with individual parents.  Work with parents may be supportive and psycho-educational in nature.  Parents may want to enrich their relationships with their children, explore alternative parenting styles, and/or better understand the development of their children. Work with parents frequently occurs when children are consulting with other professionals, such as occupational therapists.  Collaboration between professionals is possible, and in most cases is beneficial, with the relevant consent.